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Have you noticed that everywhere you turn everyone is either talking about or selling essential oils.  What exactly are essential oils?  Without delving into a chemistry lesson, they are aromatic liquids extracted from plants, shrubs and trees, through various distillation methods.

Essential oils are not new.  In biblical times the queen of Sheba made an epic journey to see the wise king Solomon and brought balsam oil as gift to the king.  The Bible also mentions a number of these aromatic plants, such as aloe, balsam,  cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, saffron, and spikenard. Many of these essential oils were imported by way of the legendary incense trade routes from India, South Arabia, and elsewhere.

Why the resurgence of essential oils in our modern, scientific world? Back in 1990 a french doctor and a french bio-chemist co-authored the book ‘l’aromatherapie exactement‘ documenting the health benefits of essential oils.

Health-conscious individuals  have rediscovered the ancient world of essential oils and its therapeutic benefits for healing and wellness.  More and more health practitioners are venturing into the world of essential oils. The beauty of essential oils is that they do not have side effects.  However, essential oils are very potent and must be used as instructed.  These oils are very concentrated and can be 10,000 more potent than the natural herb itself.

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I will caution like anything else, not all essential oils are made equal. There are many oils and there are therapeutic oils that are restorative.  Some oils are synthetic and are created in a laboratory, others may pass the smell test but contain very few beneficial compounds.

For pure essential oils to be 100% therapeutic it  must retain between 200 – 500 bio-constituents; depending on the oil. For purity and authenticity the oils must not contain no fillers. Some of the factors to determine the purity of an oil and the bio-constituents include: the plants from which the oil was produced, soil condition, fertilizer (organic or chemical), geographical region, climate, altitude, harvesting methods and distillation process.  Even if the plants are distilled at the wrong time of the day renders the compounds non-therapeutic.

If you wish to benefit from therapeutic grade essential oils make sure you are educated about the company and the essential oils that you use.  Knowledge is power.

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